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 Payback Games

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PostSubject: Payback Games   Tue Aug 07 2012, 00:52

Hey guys. If you guys are gonna get involved in all the tournaments paybackgames has to offer please hurry and sign up on the website.
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x Dappy KG

x Dappy KG

What branch did you join. : Crimson Posts : 3
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PostSubject: Re: Payback Games   Tue Sep 11 2012, 22:16

Hey people just to let you known I a good friends with the founders of payback games if you want to set up a team let me know I am going to make a team of 8 people for the simple fact that if anyone is not here we will be able to sub in and out you can also do solo games just check out the website and twll me when your on there
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KG Vampire Lord

KG Vampire Lord

What branch did you join. : Crimson Posts : 8
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PostSubject: Re: Payback Games   Thu Oct 18 2012, 08:12

Hey Dappy whats up... I signed up for payback games and want to know if some other members with "KG" in their name would want to join in...

Dominik D. D'Antoni, LT Kabal Crimson
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PostSubject: Re: Payback Games   

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Payback Games
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